Hookup 999 The cadmium sulfide mobile, or cad cellular, belongs to the main control program and is also always notice

Hookup 999 The cadmium sulfide mobile, or cad cellular, belongs to the main control program and is also always notice

the presence of the petroleum burner fire. The cad mobile set-up is made of the particular cell, an owner, and cord to get in touch the cellular towards biggest regulation. This detector was mounted floating around tubing of the burner in a way as to sight the fire.

The cad cell is made of a cadmium sulfide covered ceramic computer with a conductive grid over their exterior. Electrodes include attached to this surface, while the cell try closed in windows to guard it. The cad cell in dark possess a really high resistance to the circulation of electric existing. Yet, during the presence of visible light, this has a rather low resistance. For an adequately adjusted burner, during process, the cad mobile weight ought to be more or less 300-1000 ohms, however above 1600 ohms. A resistance above 1600 ohms alerts difficulty which should be fixed.


In order to comprehend tips diagnose the cad mobile, it’s important to earliest know how the regulation runs.

In the beginning, the regulation must-have increased weight across their F-F terminals (cad mobile cannot feeling obvious light) earlier will attempt to starting the burner. In the event the cad mobile senses light or is shorted, the relay during the biggest control will likely not pull in to start out the burner. As soon as burner try working together with flame is made, the cad cell need to have a reduced resistance (cad cell sensing fire) maintain the main control from securing from safety.

Symptom #1

Can you imagine the burner won’t start in addition to cad mobile are suspected? The procedure for resolving this issue is first to be sure the thermostat is calling for heating hence there can be line voltage for the control. Subsequently remove one lead of the cad cell from F-F terminals. In the event the burner starts, this suggests that the cad mobile was sometimes seeing external light within the housing, cad cellular cable are pinched, the installation try shorted, and/or mobile are flawed. You may have to shield the cellular from additional light, fix pinched cable, or put in a new cad cellular.

Sign #2

Let’s say the burner initiate but locks aside plus the cad cellular try suspected? This symptom at first reveals that the control performed see the higher weight required to starting the burner. However, throughout the lock-out time years, it would not sense the reduced weight throughout the cad cell important to keep the burner working. As previously mentioned prior, the control need to have a maximum of 1600 ohms of effectiveness prevent haphazard lock-out.

To troubleshoot this dilemma, beginning the burner and prior to the safety lock-out time years stops

disconnect the cad mobile cable from the F-F terminals about controls. Further, jumper the F-F terminals with a piece of line or need a 1500 ohm resistor. This may allow the burner to carry on operating so you can look into the cad mobile opposition while in the https://besthookupwebsites.net/pl/upforit-recenzja/ operate pattern. Should you would not have the F-F terminals from the controls jumpered ahead of the burner secured around, waiting 3-5 moments prior to trying this once more. Making use of burner running, hook the ohmmeter across the cad mobile causes. Make use of the chart above additionally the weight you measure on cad mobile to discover the cause and appropriate action recommended for solving the situation.

The cad cell regulation program seems as exceptionally reliable within our industry. This short technical debate should support become more acquainted with its process and software. Recall, when it is set up so it can view the flame properly, is tightly protected, and it is held clean, you will has many years of continuous solution.

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