Anal sex among youthful heterosexuals in three std clinics in the us

Anal sex among youthful heterosexuals in three std clinics in the us

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Authors’ Affiliations

Marion Carter try behavioural scientist, Division of Reproductive wellness, Centers for disorder regulation and Prevention, Atlanta. Dare Henry-Moss is actually supervisor of men and adolescent solutions. Linda Hock-Long was director of study, both at the family members preparation Council of Southeastern Pennsylvania, Philadelphia. Anna Bergdall is actually fellow, Oak Ridge Institute for research and degree, Atlanta. Karen Andes is going to assistant teacher, Rollins class of general public fitness, Emory institution, Atlanta.


The writers give thanks to Kendra Hatfield-Timajchy and Joan Marie Kraft for his or her suggestions on basic information plus the best review. The analysis had been financed because of the facilities for illness regulation and protection (CDC). The results and results recommended here are that from the writers nor fundamentally portray the official place of CDC.

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