Deyes Karayib. Caribbean Goddesses. A blog by as well as for Caribbean Lesbians

Deyes Karayib. Caribbean Goddesses. A blog by as well as for Caribbean Lesbians

Monday, July 18, 2005

to my personal Haitian siblings

To my Haitian siblings, younger or outdated, we don’t imagine knowing the real truth about are a Haitian lesbian but i know exactly what happens within me, this can be my personal fact, my personal experiences.

We never ever read from anybody the way to getting a lesbian, we simply become, we never read from anybody how you can love a lady, we just like all of them. This is exactly our reality, this is what we know as a fact when we have a look and do something about the desires within united states.

We participate in a fraction, we fit in with an oppressed class and therefore we respond often in unreliable tips. Unnecessary days, we clipped ourselves in short supply of exactly who we truly include. We accept or promote routine hidden intimate activities, we reject our selves the legal right to love, therefore we accept the legal right to bang. We break down our selves by choosing a life of gender without appreciate. We become prostitutes, pornography addicts, mistresses, second-class enthusiasts. We never ever allow our selves to enjoy and commit. We are not able to defend those we love; we are not able to build a life for ourselves.

A homosexual union in a lot of methods is not distinctive from a heterosexual connection. It involves work and commitment. It involves being there the people we love, waking up in the morning collectively, dealing with daily difficulties collectively, employed toward a standard intent, promoting protection and help. Equally if we had been married to a guy, we’d have actually acted with really love and regard, we should instead commit ourselves to a better lifestyle with a lady. There’s no change whatsoever within these two types of relationships, the only person being the intercourse of the individual we love. When we imagine a homosexual commitment is most effective or bad, after that the audience is biased within judgment. Really ordinary prefer between two different people also because of that, it’s both beautiful and difficult. Some era we are going to feel just like a million buck woman, some other era like s…, but that’s the beauty of relations. They increase you to the greater degrees, they reduced us to your darkest edges.

I am not saying stating that we all go out on the roadways and march to require esteem or identification, Im proclaiming that we need to begin operating with admiration, selecting relations over lust, choosing fancy over sex sites intercourse. After all two people being along for best of for tough, as a couple. I understand it can be terrifying and difficult, there’s absolutely no spot to run and read. Let’s only tune in to all of our minds. Let’s create our very own tactics to existence, let’s create a system of females with dignity and pride….for our selves and also the future generations.

New York, July 18, 2005

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